Priorities for the 86th Legislative Session

  • Development of a truly equitable and fully funded system for our pubic schools which will function without constant tinkering and overly complicated formulas.
  • Further reduction, if not elimination, of the current set of state mandated standardized tests.  Accountability and success is best managed by teachers in the classroom and principals and administrators in the local school districts, subject to the control and guidance of a locally elected school board.
  • Expansion of vocational and technical education including  better coordination with our community and junior colleges, and where appropriate, our four year institutions, as well as with our local industries and economic drivers.
  • Special needs education reform — the current requirements are often useless and counterproductive not because of the quality of our special education teachers and resources, but because of misplaced micromanagement and administrative burdens imposed by federal and state law.  These special children, like all children, deserve the education that can help them live the highest quality life possible.